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Remodeling for Home or Commercial Spaces

Whether you’re transforming your exterior or interior space, Hall Ryan Construction specializes in high-end remodeling and construction projects. Our top priority is to value-engineer your project to deliver an outstanding space at the best possible cost.

If you are remodeling your whole house or just a single room, we’ll bring your ideas to life through an approach grounded in asking the right questions from the get-go. By taking the extra time to fully explore the preconstruction phase, we minimize unexpected delays, budget and scope changes that can crumble many projects.

Our company upholds a hands-on approach through the entire remodeling process, from concept to construction rather than hiring separate general contractors and designers. The comprehensive knowledge that comes with Hall Ryan Construction’s built-in design and contractor experience is the reason for our remodel success. The seamless process between design, materials and construction mitigates many issues that can turn a project sideways. At Hall Ryan, design and construction have an equal place to ensure the success of your remodel.

As advocate for our customers, Hall Ryan commits to work on your behalf, realize your wishes and stay within your budget.


Our Process

  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction
  • Post-construction
Step 1
Meet client onsite
Step 2
Provide estimate to client within 7 days
Step 3
Receive estimate approval from client
Step 4
Host client at showroom for materials selection
Step 5
Present layouts and renderings featuring selected materials
Step 6
Meet client to review designs and adjust material selection (provide revised bid if necessary capturing different selected materials)
Step 7
Confirm all selected materials
Step 8
Purchase selected materials
Step 9
Receive and stock material on Client shelf in warehouse
Step 10
Establish start date
Step 11
Coordinate a preconstruction onsite labor walk
Step 12
Step 12
Design assists in accessories placement
Step 13
Conduct a client quality walk
Step 14
Sign completion form
Step 15
Final invoice